Monday, January 15, 2007

mbaScotland - a favour?

Hi everyone,
Can I ask a small favour of you?
If you have friends or colleagues who are as passionate about management and leadership issues as you are passionate about software development, then could you forward this note on to them?
I am starting up a new Scottish not-for-profit user group - just like AgileScotland - but for people who are interested in management.  I've called it mbaScotland but having an MBA isn't necessary - just a desire to manage better and to learn from and chat to like-minded people.
The website and links to the email group are here:
Thanks for your help and my apologies for interupting your day with an off-topic message.
Clarke Ching

Saturday, January 13, 2007

AgileScotland meeting in Glasgow, Monday 29th

Hi everyone,
  • The meeting will start at 7:15, for 7:30, on Monday 29th January, in the JP Morgan offices, Alhambra House, Waterloo St, in Glasgow.  

    And now for something a little different: No Agenda.
  • I'll bring cake, biscuits, an apple and crisps. 
    You bring:
    an idea, a question, a problem,
    a suggestion, a friend, a story!
    along with a pair of open ears and an open mind for AgileScotland's very first Open meeting.  

    • If you think you'll be coming along then can you please send me your contact details so that we can forewarn the security people. 
    • [We won't kick you out if you don't pre-register, but it'll save the big burley hairy security guys frisking you on the night].
    Clarke Ching.