Wednesday, March 28, 2007

AgileScotland mini-conference - The naked Agilist

Hi Everyone,

This month's meeting will be a little different - a mini-agile-conference or is it an agile-mini-conference.  And even better, you can attend in the nude.  Read on ...

On the day - Monday the 16th of April: We will use Skype's skypecast facility to have a large scale conference call.  We'll all dial into the call at 7:25pm for 7:30pm start.  We will then have a series of "mini presentations" or discussions - each lasting from 1 minute to 15 minutes max.  We will end at 9:00pm.  Someone will chair the meeting and have the power to turn peoples mics off and on.

Before the conference:
1.  Someone (Volunteers?) will setup a wiki or an online spreadsheet.  If you want to run/give a session then add a title to the wiki, and 1-4 sentences to describe the session and a duration from 1 to 15 minutes - note that on the day the chairperson will kill your microphone exactly on the time you've nominated, i.e they're time-boxed. 
2.  Three days before the session - Friday the 13th - we will vote for the sessions we prefer and they will be delivered in priority order.  Someone will need to decide voting rules.  Remember that each session has a higher "cost" in terms of your time, so vote carefully.
So, who wants to volunteer to chair the conference?  And someone to help the chair?  And someone will need to test the technology works SOON so that we have time to adapt?
And for no other reason than it would reduce my stress-levels can you send me a note if you are interested in joining the conference.

Clarke Ching