Sunday, July 08, 2007

No Fluff, Just Stuff - special AgileScotland discount code

Hi everyone,

Finally! The folks who organise the "no fluff just stuff" conferences are holding one in London near the end of August. The conferences have been very popular in the US during recent years. The events "cover the latest in trends, best practices, and newest developments in Enterprise Java, Java/Groovy, ESB/SOA, Ajax, Web Services, Agility, and Architecture." and promise no marketing fluff (which is interesting becaue their marketing is actually very good). I've only ever heard good things about the events.

You can find details of the program here:

Email me at and I will send you a special code which will give you a special "agile scotland" code which give you a £50 discount.

A couple of other things:
  • Group discounts kick in if 5 or more people use this code. I already know of 2 of us who are going so if we get another 3 registration then the price drops by at least £75 .
  • The early bird discount runs out on July 15th ... after which the price goes up another £150.
Hope some of you find this useful.