Thursday, December 13, 2007

Agile guru David Anderson - this monday

I still have room for about 5 more people in David Anderson's talk this coming monday.  Contact me if you'd like a spot.
David will be talking about his recently experiences with Kanban software development.
David Anderson is Senior Director for Software Engineering with Corbis in Seattle, WA.
Prior to joining Corbis in September 2006, David was the architect for the MSF methodology with Microsoft, in Redmond, WA.
David started in the software business in 1982 as a games programmer writing titles for the Sinclair ZX81 in Z80 assembly language. In 1997, he joined the team which created the agile software development method known as Feature Driven Development in Singapore. David has held managerial positions at Motorola, Sprint PCS and earlier in his career with two startups in the UK – Rombo, a video imaging company – and MDi Systems, a document imaging company. In the 1980's he was a leading computer games developer with Ocean Software in the UK with over 20 titles published including the game of the Sylvester Stallone movie "Rambo". He has experience in computer games, video and document imaging, banking, telecoms, software tools and digital imaging and digital rights management industries.
He holds a degree in Electronics and Computer Science from the University of Strathclyde, Glasgow, UK. His first book, "Agile Management for Software Engineering" was published in September 2003 by Prentice Hall Professional Technical Reference, Upper Saddle River, New York. He has six U.S. Patents and another five pending for his work in telecoms and the Internet. He lives in Seattle, Washington.
We'll be meeting at the SKM offices in the 160 Dundee Street building, Edinburgh, EH11 1DQ at 19:30 on Monday, December 17th. The offices are between Fountainbridge Leisure complex and the Victor Paris Bathroom Shop.
Contact me if you'd like to come along.
Clarke Ching