Sunday, August 22, 2010

[AgileScotland] Ruby on Rails session - Glasgow 1st of September


Glasgow Technology Network - Ruby on Rails Presentation - 01-Sep-2010 5:30 PM


Dear all, 

Do you use Twitter? BaseCamp? HighRise? 

Twitter is world's leading Microblogging website. 

BaseCamp is a leading website for web based project management. 

HighRise is a web based Customer Relationship Management website. 

But what is common to all these high performance websites is the technology behind them - Ruby on Rails. 

At Glasgow Technology Network, Paul Wilson of EdgeCase - a guru of Ruby on Rails - is giving a presentation on this technology. 


TouchBase - Sense Scotland 
43 Middlesex Street 
Main entrance on Milnpark Street 
Glasgow G41 1EE 
0141 429 0294 

Seats: Only 30 out of 50 seats left 

If you want to find out how you can leverage this technology for your business, why not come along? 

To join Glasgow Technology Network and RSVP, visit: 

Who knows, you could end up developing the next Twitter, BaseCamp or HighRise!!! 

I look forward to seeing you there. 

Best Regards, 


[AgileScotland] Work4Bletchley - Proposed Charity Training / Seminar in Edinburgh on September 16th

Hi Everyone,
Checkout a very generous - and worthy - offer from Matt Wynne, below.  Matt has recently moved to Scotland and has a very good reputation in the UK agile community.
From: Matt Wynne <>
Date: 18 August 2010 10:45:25 GMT+01:00
Subject: [techmeetup-discuss] Work4Bletchley - Proposed Charity Training / Seminar in Edinburgh on September 16th

Hey all,

The thing is, as I now work as a freelance consultant, I may not actually be earning anything at all on the 16th. So I had another idea: run a day's coaching or training for free, and get everyone who comes to make a donation to the fund. The most excellent Paul Wilson of Edgecase / Scottish Ruby Conference / ScotRUG fame has offered to collaborate with me on the day.

At the moment, I'm thinking we can run the day on the theme of 'Unleashing Your Agility'. We'd have a broad look over the techniques from XP / Scrum / Kanban etc. that you can use to make better software faster, with lots of workshop-style sessions to keep it interesting and relevant to you and to give you some opportunities to network. I'm interested in hearing feedback as to whether that theme sounds relevant and useful to you.

I'm thinking we could suggest donations at £50 / head. Would you be interested in coming along?

Rather than cluttering up this list, please give us feedback on the idea with this very quick questionnaire:


+44(0)7974 430184