Sunday, August 19, 2012

Fwd: Lean Agile Scotland - Schedule

Hi everyone,

Chris has sent on the finalised list of speakers for this September's Lean Agile Scotland Conference.

It's a great line up - something for newbies, something for experts - including speakers from Scotland and all around the world.  You can find more details here:

Take a quick browse below and - please - be suitably impressed :)

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Hi Clarke,

Here is the list of speakers and links to their profiles.

David Anderson (Keynote)
Liz Keogh (Keynote)     Respect for People
Mike Burrows    Kanban the hard way
Ian Carroll     Rightshifting in action, using Kanban for
organisational change
Matt Wynne      Why agile fails
Bob Marshall    Organisational Effectiveness - Rightshifting & The
Marshall Model
Clarke Ching    Cash-Flow Driven Development
Seb Rose        Common Objections to TDD
Sandro Mancuso  Software Craftsmanship
Kevin McCabe    Mikado Method - Making Code Changes Less of an Impact
Joe Wright      Continuous Delivery - A Better Software Deployment
Brian Swan      TDD Pitfalls
Torbjorn Gyllebring     Faith, Science & Rightshifting - a
conversation about reciprocity
Henrik Berglund Real Teams
Wesley Gorman   Lean Into Your Learning
Martin Burns    IBM: Evolving Lean in Enterprise Delivery
Karl Scotland   Understanding Kanban Thinking
Zsolt Fabok     Measure and Manage Flow in Practice
Jasper Sonnevelt        Top down or viral spread. What works in your
Gillian Julius  Crafting An Agile Supplier Contract
Florian Eisenberg       Leadership on all levels. Why? And how?
John Peebles    People: Your Most Agile Ingredient
Piotr Burdylo   Managing gang of chaotic software developers is
T.J. Sheehy     Chaplin's Craft
Gojko Adzic     BDD: Busting the myths
Joe O'Brien     People Patterns

I have to say I'm really proud of this line up. 4 published authors,
thought leaders, a Gordon Pask award winner and this years keynote at
the Scrum Gathering :-)


Chris McDermott
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