Wednesday, November 28, 2012

Free AgileScotland training -

Here's a link to BOOK  a spot on the free AgileScotland event:

It's on Wednesday December 19th, in Edinburgh

Thanks to and and for their kind sponsorship fo this event.

ScotlandIs - Scotland's ITC trade-body. - Scotland's Lean Startup specialists - Worldclass startup space in Edinburgh


Thursday, November 15, 2012

Free Agile Course - Late December, Edinburgh

Free 1 Day Agile Course in Edinburgh - Late December

"How to make money using Lean & Agile - 1 day public course."


Provided I get a sponsor for a venue, I will run this course for FREE in Edinburgh during the last week before Xmas. The course will cover Scrum, Kanban, TDD, BDD ... and (some) Lean Startup principles. At the end of the day you'll understand how to use these Agile tools and techniques to make your business more money. And to make your jobs more enjoyable.


1. Why Free?
Why not? This is my personal version of volunteering. I don't like cutting down trees in the rain or running marathons at midnight in the rain, but I love doing this stuff, inside, out of the rain.

And, if I can make your working lives easier ... and your businesses more profitable ... then that makes me genuinely very, very happy. I've done a four of these in the past and I've met a lot of very nice people, so, I get loads out of this.

2. Is it REALLY Free?
I have a sponsor in mind. They'll cover the costs of the venue. It'd be cool if you took 5 minutes to hear about them, and what they do, during the course.

I will ask that, if you can afford it, you make a small personal donation to a local charity. But only if you can afford it.

You'll have to pay for your own lunch.

3. Why the week before December?
I end my current job tomorrow. I fly to New Zealand for a month. I start a new job on January 2nd. So, this is the only gap I've had where I'm not employed and I can do this without all sorts of hassle. I know it's not the best week in the world but it's the best I can do.

4. Is this definitely happening?
No, not yet. I need to get a venue sorted out (if you happen to have a largish auditorium available for free then ...) and I need to confirm a sponsor.

5. Is this like the Certified Scrum Master course?
No. If those courses is "how to run a busy restaurant kitchen", this is "how to manage a restaurant business". Very different. You might want to do a scrumMaster course after doing this.

6. Can anyone join?
No - not everyone. You might be a manager, a customer, a tester, a developer, an analyst - I don't mind - but you need to be involved in creating software and/or new products. You might work for a big company, or a small company. You might be a start up. You might be an established business. I don't know many people will be interested ... I don't know how many people our venue will take ... I may have to say no to some people.

Next Steps:
1. Send an email to me at:
2. Cross your fingers that we can get the venue and sponsorship sorted out.