Thursday, August 01, 2013

[AgileScotland-August-Edinburgh] To estimate, or not-estimate ... that is the question - Keven Rutherford

We are back*!   Please email if you'd like to attend the next AgileScotland meetup is on the 20th of August in Edinburgh.

The topic?   "No Estimates" on Agile teams - a facilitated discussion (most suited to advanced practitioners) 
The speaker/facilitator?  Kevin Rutherford.

When?  Tuesday the 20th of August.  7pm, for a 730 start.
Where? Royal London's Bright Grey office on the Thistle Street corner of St. Andrews square. 

Kevin's BioI am an experienced software developer, project leader and coach with over 30 years' experience in hands-on software delivery. I am a Chartered Engineer and have been Managing Director of a successful consulting business and architect of several million-pound enterprise solutions. In recent years I have coached numerous software teams to more than double their speed and quality of delivery.

I am author of the book "Refactoring in Ruby" and the Reek code quality tool for Ruby.

As a software developer I rely on agile principles, with strong emphasis on rapid, sustained, incremental delivery of tangible results and the creation of defect-free software.

* We will be back with more sessions after the summer, including Seb's session.