Tuesday, March 01, 2005

Invite: April Agile Training Session

I'm pleased to announce that Agile-Coach Rachel Davies will be presenting two agile training sessions in Edinburgh on Tuesday, 26th of April, 2005.  (Rachel will be our guest speaker at Agile Scotland on Monday the 25th).

Session 1: Morning - Test Driven Development and Refactoring

Hands-on technical training course for programmers teaching TDD (a core practice of XP that means automated unit tests are written before the production code) and Refactoring (another core practice of XP that uses a stepwize approach to clean up code).

Session 2: Afternoon - Agile Tracking

Agile Tracking a session for team-leads and project managers who want to learn agile techniques for keeping the team on track. Includes hands-on exercises for running stand-up meetings, tracking velocity and building information radiators.

Cost: £60 for one session; £100 for both sessions (plus VAT).

Location: Edinburgh City (details to be finalised)

About Rachel: Rachel specializes in coaching teams in agile software development. She has experience in managing teams, requirements analysis and programming in several languages. Rachel is a presenter at and organizer of industry conferences and a serving director of the

Agile Alliance. Her largest engagement to date was at Egg internet

bank where she provided coaching to all Egg internal IT and teams at outsourcing partners, Keane and Lostwax. Recently, she has been working with teams at pharmaceutical companies Roche and GlaxoSmithKline.

Rachel has facilitated requirements gathering and retrospective workshops at organizations in domains as varied as: bioinformatics, digital TV, drug safety, financial services, harbour board finance operations and government support of community waste recycling initiatives. Rachel is principal consultant with Agile Experience (www.agilexp.com ) and can be contacted at rachel@agilexp.com.

Next Steps:

Please contact me (Clarke Ching) at agile.scotland@gmail.com to make a booking (or for more details).

We've tried to keep the cost of the sessions as low as possible but this means that we will have to make a go/no-go decision, dependant on numbers, by 25th of March. In other words, please book as soon as possible.

Clarke Ching