Monday, March 30, 2009

AgileScotland - Uni thing and a free book ...

Hi everyone,
1.  A quick update: I've had several volunteers -Peter Aitken, Paul Wilson, Brian Swan, Rohan Cragg, Colin Brodie-Smith, Graeme Brown, Mark Davidson, Rob Lally, and Ian Brockbank - to help out with the university initiative; I've got two universities definitely signed up; and I've you've all passed on a number of useful contacts which I'm pursuing.  So thanks!  This'll start out small ... but I hope we can make it into something bigger over the years.
2.  I'm attending Endava's "agile outsourcing" event this Thursday afternoon in Edinburgh.  If you're going along or fancy meeting up afterwards for a quick chat (around 6:30, Edinburgh city centre) then send me a note (  I've got a couple-dozen copies galley copies of RocksIntoGold back from my pubisher and if you'd like a copy then I'll bring one along on Thursday. 
If your boss (or your customers) would like a copy (free) then send me their postal address and I'll post a signed copy out to them.