Friday, November 19, 2004

November 22nd, 2004 - Lean Software Development

We're meeting on November 22nd, in our usual venue: Currie & Brown inEdinburgh. Starting time is 19:30.

Title: Lean development workshop


Several Agile Scotlanders recently attended Mary and Tom Poppendieck2-day "Lean Software Development" course in Glasgow.

November's AgileScotland session will be a two part workshop based on two exercises in the Poppendieck's course.

In part 1 we will prepare (simplified):
  • Value-Stream-maps,
  • cummulative flow diagrams and
  • Cashflow models for two or moreprojects - including a largish waterfall project and an agile project.

It was amazing to compare the different development practices in thedifferent organisations represented on the course. So, during part 2we will have an open forum to discuss what Mary called the buildingblock practices of quick software development - test automation,source control, etc.

Looking forward to meet you on the 22nd.