Friday, January 14, 2005

February 2004, Automated Acceptance Testing by Brian Swan

Our next meeting will be on Automated Acceptance Testing, by Brian Swan on Monday 7th February, starting at 7:30PM, in the Currie and Brown offices:

Automated Acceptance Testing
By Brian Swan
Automated Acceptance Testing is finally coming of age. A number of Open Source projects are starting to emerge and gain acceptance in the community as the xUnit frameworks did for unit testing.Two of these emerging frameworks are FIT and Exactor. The presentation will describe automated acceptance testing and its role in Agile devleopment. The FIT and Exactor frameworks will be demonstrated including the use of various extentions for testing web based applications.

Brian is a mentor with Exoftware a company dedicated to creating effective software development organisations, and revolutionising development practices through its agile enablement services including training and transitioning. Brian has been developing software professionally for nearly ten years and for the past four years has been applying agile practices, primarily Extreme Programming, to the projects he has been involved with.