Friday, October 24, 2008

[AgileScotland] Rachel Davies Agile QA course - Edinburgh 4/11

Hi everyone,

A few years ago, Rachel Davies ran a very good "Intro to Agile" course here in Scotland.  It was the first course I organised for AgileScotland and it was very well received.

Rachel is presenting another course, along with Antony Marcano, this time through skillsmatter.

It's a two day course cover all sorts of Agile QA topics.

You can read more details here:

It's in Edinburgh, on the 4th of November, and it costs £1195

I've not seen the course, but if Rachel is involved then it's bound to be excellent.


Monday, October 20, 2008

AgileScotland - Edinburgh School for Startups

I just picked up the following from the ScotlandIS website:
I hope to see some of you there.
 Event: School for Startups
28 October 2008
Event Category: Member Events
Technology entrepreneurs Doug Richard (Micrografx/Corel Corp, Library House, BBC Dragon's Den) and Alex van Someren (Acorn, nCipher) will be holding an inspirational and highly practical one day workshop "School for Startups" in Edinburgh on 28th October, 2008.
Doug's combination of having an incredibly fast and sharp legal mind, being genuinely committed to entrepreneurship education and public policy*, and the fact that he has many high-growth-high-tech successes (a few failures) but most importantly a current startup (, makes him unique and deeply engaging. Alex van Someren's lessons from starting and growing nCipher are equally engaging, fun and inspirational. 
Doug has created the  based on the New Business Road Test and other academic work of Professor John Mullins from London Business School:
As part of the "Informatics Ventures" initiative, we're pleased to let you know that this one day workshop is FREE and OPEN to all staff and students from all Scottish universities and all startups related or unrelated to universities (but preferably tech/software/web startups).
The wider ScotlandIS, entrepreneurship and enterprise related professional services community are welcome to participate, however there is a fee of £94 for this. 
Full details at:
And an application form is at: