Monday, January 26, 2009

[AgileScotland] “If you have programmers on two floors, forget it”: The challenge of distributed Agile.

Hi everyone, 

This year's first Agile Scotland session should be very interesting, especially if you've been involved in any kind of distributed development, agile or otherwise.  It will be presented by Graeme Brown: 

This presentation focuses on the practicalities of doing distributed Agile and will be of interest to the increasing group of people that have tried to use these methods in a non-collocated environment.  Based on my dissertation research, which is a finalist in the 2009 APM 'Recognition of Student Success Awards' it provides a Scottish perspective on distributed Agile.  Unlike many other works it doesn't just concentrate on the large scale globally distributed projects.  The detailed conclusions about the nature of distributed Agile will be useful to anybody thinking of setting up this kind of project. 

Graeme Brown, Systems Developer, Babcock Integrated Technology.  After working as an archaeologist for 15 years in various different jobs I switched over to IT in 2005 with the help of an excellent MSc course at Napier University in Edinburgh.  I'm very interested in Agile and Agile Management particularly when its combined with any sort of distribution and over the last while I've become more interested with Lean and the role it can play in broadening the focus of Agile.  In terms of practical experience with Agile our team at Babcock uses XP.  For more about my research see 

The session will be held on the 2nd of February at Napier University, Edinburgh, starting at 7:30.

I, unfortunately, can't make the session so please email if you'd like to come along.

I've had several very interesting discussions with Graeme during the last few years.  He has a very keen mind and I learned a lot from him while discussing his research.  I hope you can come along - it'll be a good solid session.