Wednesday, November 24, 2010

Embedded Agile course - UK, Dec 15-16

This is a fantastic opportunity, if you're in Europe, to learn about state-of-the-art Agile in Embedded Systems.

From: Nancy Van Schooenderwoert

Hi friends -

I will be teaching a 2-day workshop hosted by the University of York next month. It's intended for people completely new to Agile who are building embedded systems based products. The focus is on software and firmware, but there will be discussion of how to interleave that work with hardware development. It's for many job roles, not just programming.

This is the first public course ever to go into this much depth on the techniques that really work for using Agile principles for embedded work. It's based on ideas that I used with my own project team ten years ago, and what I have learned since, while coaching dozens more teams in how they can adapt those practices.

What: "Agile for Embedded Systems Development Workshop"
Date: Dec 15-16, 2010
Location: University of York, UK

More details, and registration info:

Nancy Van Schooenderwoert, Lean-Agile Partners Inc.

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Specialties: Agile coaching for Embedded Systems, for Data Migrations, and for leadership of Lean-Agile change organization wide