Monday, September 28, 2015

[AgileScotland] Agile coaching course & conference update

1.  Wow!  This is cool news.  Greg @ Skyscanner just pinged me to let me know that they'll be hosting Lyssa Adkins (the author of Coaching Agile Teams) and Michael Spayd in November.

They'll be running their  Coaching Agile Teams workshop.  The details are:
  • In their words – Coaching Agile Teams is a three day workshop for experienced Agilists who wish to dramatically increase their overall agile coaching skills and effectiveness
  • It will run on November 9th – November 11th at Skyscanner's Edinburgh office 
  • You can find full details of the workshop here
  • And you can book yourself on the course here (there are 20 confirmed attendees already so don't wait too long to book…)
2.  I had lunch with Chris McDermot and he told me that the LeanAgileScotland conference, which spends all his spare time organising, is very close to selling out.  

Take a look here:  

If you're keen then I'd pounce quickly, especially if you're looking for single day tickets.

Sunday, September 27, 2015

[AgileScotland] Turbo-charge Agile with Goldratt's TOC (free public course, here in Scotland)

I'm *thinking* about running a free "TOC for software development" public course here in Scotland for my Agile friends (and friends to be), probably 2 or 3-nights worth, probably after work, probably in Edinburgh, probably starting in November or January.

Loads of "probably"s ...

These things are definite: 
- you'll learn how to deliver software faster, 
- you'll learn how to improve faster, 
- you'll learn how to deliver projects on time.  

This stuff works.  It's what I do in my day job and there are a lot of other "advanced practitioners" quietly doing TOC all around the world, and even a half-dozen in Scotland.  You might have seen my book about TOC in Software Development, "Rolling Rocks Downhill", or "The Phoenix Project" which is about DevOps, or maybe you've even read the original TOC book, Eli Goldratt's "The Goal" and wondered how it applies to your work.  It's simple stuff, though not necessarily easy, and it's more than just finding bottlenecks.

If you're interested let me know:  


Monday, September 07, 2015

[AgileScotland] Lean Agile Scotland conference: STARTS IN 1 MONTH


* this is a special announcement *.  

I just wanted to let you know that the 3-day* LeanAgileScotland conference kicks off, in Edinburgh, in ONE MONTH from today.

I love this conference: it's small, it's friendly, and (honestly) the content is as good as anything you'll see anywhere in the world.  Even better: coz it's based in Scotland, it's commutable, so no long train trips or flights, and no accommodation costs.

You can view the full schedule and book here:

* If you can't spare 3 days in October then the single-day tickets are surprisnly cheap, too.