Saturday, September 17, 2016

DON'T MISS: Lean Agile Scotland 2016 pre-conference workshop.

I'm gutted because I'm missing this years LAScot conference due to a family event in New Zealand. 

Even worse ... I'm missing this pre-conference workshop.  This really is one of those "don't miss" events and I'm missing it.

from chris: 
This year ahead of the Lean Agile Scotland conference they are offering a pre conference workshop run by Praxis Flow consultants and friends of Lean Agile Scotland Jabe Bloom and Will Evans.

Service Design in the Enterprise : Tuesday October 4th, 8:30am – 5pm, Edinburgh Training and Conference Venue

"Do you play a design, engineering, quality, or operations role in a large enterprise? Have you ever felt like it's incredibly hard to deliver quality value to your customers or end-users? Maybe you work on a team that describes what they do as providing a "service"? Would you like to help your team collaboratively create a more holistic view of the systems they are working in so that you can apply some of the methods, mindsets, and processes from Agile, Lean, or Design Thinking? Come learn how!"

It's a must for anyone who plays a design, engineering, quality or operations role in a large enterprise!

For more information and to book a ticket go to