Tuesday, June 28, 2005

New Location for Charlie Poole's session

Based on the emails that I've received, I suspect that Charlie Poole's session on Thursday night is going to be far too popular for our normal meeting space ... so I've found a new location with a bit more space.

All things being equal -  the room is free but the booking is not confirmed yet - we should be meeting in the Apex hotel just across the road from at Currie and Brown.  That is, it is just a  30 second walk from the normal meeting place.

Sorry about the late notice.  I will confirm the location tomorrow.  If you can't check your email between now and then ... just come to Currie and Brown at 1 Osbourne Terrace and one of us will be waiting outside to redirect you.

p.s Thanks to Ali Law from Vison for kindly sponsoring our new (exhorbitantly priced) location.