Monday, February 18, 2008

AgileScotland - extra special training opportunity - with Linda Rising.

We are very lucky here in Scotland to be frequented by well known, internationally recognised, Agile Thinkers and Doers - e.g. Mary Poppendieck, Martin Fowler, Charlie Poole, David Anderson, Ken Schwaber ... and (hopefully) soon Linda Rising.
Linda is best known as co-author of (the excellent book) "Fearless Change - Patterns for Introducing New Ideas". She's going to be down south in Bath at the annual "retrospectives gathering" in late April and she is toying with the idea of doing some tourism while over here in Europe.  I'm trying to persuade her to come to Scotland in April to do an evening session and a day's training for us.  After all, I personally can't think of a nicer place to be a tourist in the UK than Scotland ... 
So ... I'd like to I'd like to organise a course which will cover (in my words, not Linda's) a mixture of "how to do good agile retrospectives" and "how to influence change when change isn't necessarily welcome".  These are two of Linda's specialitises and, as you will all know, two very important areas for agile practicioners..  I'll handle all of the admin for free so the course will cost no more than £200.  It will be based in Edinburgh city centre, probably on the 21st of April. After attending the course you should be in a far strong position to "sell agile" and get buy in to agile from your colleages/bosses/customers and you will have learned how to make your retrospectives run smoothly and respectfully.
My problem: I'd love to get Linda here to speak to us, but it'd be really handy to have an idea of numbers before I can plan anything.  Can you email me at if you're interested in attending Linda's course?  I don't need a commitment from you, just a "Yes, I'll probably come along".  It is remarkably good value and it'd be a shame to miss a rare opportunity like this. 
Please also forward this note onto anyone else who you think might be interested. 
Cheers all,