Wednesday, October 31, 2007

AgileScotland - Nov 12 - "Crossing New Frontiers in Agile Creating support for Agile testing in ETL and Data Warehousing" by Adrian Mowat

Hi everyone,
And now for something a little different ... Our next meeting will be presented by Adrian Mowat an expert in using agile and lean in batch and ETL environements - he is also in the process of releasing FIT4Data, a testing framework for data-centric apps - as open source.  You should enjoy this one!  The meeting is in Edinburgh on Monday the 12th of November.
"Crossing New Frontiers in Agile Creating support for Agile testing in ETL and Data Warehousing" by Adrian Mowat

Synopsis: Even since the dawn of computing, companies have used batch processes (known as Extract Transform and Load (ETL) in modern terms) to crunch numbers and share critical data between systems. Many teams use specialist 4th generation languages designed for the ETL domain are used to improve developers productivity but because they are not object oriented and the challenges of working with raw data are quite different to those faced in 'conventional' software development much of the Agile literature appears irrelevant to the uninitiated ETL manager or developer.

So is it possible to do Agile on ETL projects? If it is, then how is it done and do we need to change the conventional approach in any way?

The answer is, of course, a resounding YES! Agile is a great fit for ETL projects. Armed with specialist knowledge, the ability to see the principles behind the practices and a bit of lateral thinking many Agile techniques can be applied with little or no modification. In this talk, I will discuss the factors that make ETL different, the surprising similarities between object oriented and ETL projects and, ultimately how to apply Agile to the ETL domain. By attending, you will discover a new perspective on an age old problem you may discover some tools that are useful in your own company.

Bio: Adrian Mowat believes coding should be interesting and fun and he is proud to call himself a professional software developer. He has over seven years experience building multi-terabyte data management and data warehousing applications for some of the biggest companies in the UK. Having worked as a consultant since 2003 he and a colleague co-founded M2Consortium last year and they are dedicated to furthering the development of Agile and building a world class consultancy holding respect for people and technical excellence at its core.

When are Where? We'll be meeting at the SKM offices in the 160 Dundee Street building, Edinburgh, EH11 1DQ at 19:30 on Monday, November 12th. The offices are between Fountainbridge Leisure complex and the Victor Paris Bathroom Shop.

All are welcome but can you please email me if you want to come along -