Sunday, April 15, 2007

AgileScotland mini-virtual-conference - Monday 7:25pm - skype

Hi everyone,

Here is the agenda for tomorrow evening's mini-conference.  There're still a few spaces available on the skyecast - contact me if you'd like to tune in.


Monday 16th April, 2007, 7:30pm (recorded event)

Skypecast: The Naked Agilist

Title Presenter Running Time  Abstract
"Sucked back into the waterfall" Peter Gordon 5  What agile can learn about managing customer expectations

"But we don't do it like that"
Adrian Mowat 10  Applying Agile principles and practices to data management and data warehousing projects.

"Finishing in half the time"
Kevin Rutherford 10  How we've fooled ourselves for years

"It's easier to sell to sell aspirin to someone if they have a headache"
Clarke Ching 6  Selling Agile

"The Three Princes and the
Golden Hammer"
Paul Wilson 10  A fable of too little, too much, and just-right planning.

"Test Second for Portability"
Charles Weir 5
"When tests have no value" Kevin Rutherford 10
 When unit test coverage is low, situations can arise in which those unit tests do not perform well as regression tests

"Burying the Lead"
Clarke Ching 5  What agile can learn from newspaper journalism

"I don't Trust My Alarm clock"
Clarke Ching 5  The invisible costs of mistrust

Chair: Leigh Mullin

The conference will start at 7:30pm, you can dial in a few minutes before.  The groundrules for the night are:

- People to mute themselves when not asking questions
- Ask questions throughout a presentation, but try not to interupt mid-flow
- When asking a question first state your name clearly
- If it gets unruly or lots of feedback the chair will mute all

It's a full agenda so we may not get through all the presentations.