Friday, February 09, 2007

Feb 19 - Directions to Resistance as a Resource Workshop

(Directions from Craig Murphy.)

Here is a map covering the route from Haymarket to AgileScotland's new meeting venue:

160 Dundee Street, Edinburgh, EH11 1DQ

It's a "seven minute" walk .

From Haymarket, head up the Dalry Road heading out of town.

Just before Somerfield and certainly before Maplin (both on the right), you need to turn to the left - there is a sign above the shops on the left indicating Pedestrian Route To Dundee Street or similar. Follow that sign, going under the Western Approach road (there is an underpass). We are on the right hand side in the 3 story-building with a reddish-brown roof.

SKM are located on the 2nd floor - there is a bell.

Parking should be available, but I will have to confirm this.

See you all on the 19th! 1930 start, aim to arrive a little before then please!