Saturday, January 13, 2007

AgileScotland meeting in Glasgow, Monday 29th

Hi everyone,
  • The meeting will start at 7:15, for 7:30, on Monday 29th January, in the JP Morgan offices, Alhambra House, Waterloo St, in Glasgow.  

    And now for something a little different: No Agenda.
  • I'll bring cake, biscuits, an apple and crisps. 
    You bring:
    an idea, a question, a problem,
    a suggestion, a friend, a story!
    along with a pair of open ears and an open mind for AgileScotland's very first Open meeting.  

    • If you think you'll be coming along then can you please send me your contact details so that we can forewarn the security people. 
    • [We won't kick you out if you don't pre-register, but it'll save the big burley hairy security guys frisking you on the night].
    Clarke Ching.