Monday, September 11, 2006

Tom Gilb Evening Session - 18th of September - An introduction to Evolutionary (Evo) Project Management

Hi Everyone,

I'm absolutely thrilled to announce that this coming 18th of September, Tom Gilb will be presenting "An introduction to Evolutionary (Evo) Project Management" in Edinburgh at 7:30.  This is a rare oppotunity to meet and learn from one of Software Development's true guru's. 

I first read about EVO in Tom's 1988 classic "Principles of Software Engineering Management" a book which has influenced my own thinking about software development more than any other.  You can download many of Tom's articles and excerts from his books from, including the full draft of a book about Evo by Tom's son Kai Gilb (login to the wiki to download).

The Evolutionary Project Management method – abbreviated Evo – is arguably the
best systems engineering project management method (Larman and Basili 2003). However, it is also probably the least known and the least discussed, so the aim of this talk is to shed some light on it. Evo is particularly good at dealing with large, complex, and innovative systems – it does so by breaking down the project into a series of numerous small incremental steps. Each Evo step is both an opportunity to deliver some useful results to the stakeholders, and an opportunity to learn more about the system.

Evo has ten basic principles:
E1: Decompose by performance results and stakeholders;
E2: Do high-risk steps early, learn how 'unknowns' really perform;
E3: Focus on improving your most valuable performance objectives first;
E4: Base your early evolution on existing frameworks and stakeholders;
E5: Design to cost dynamically;
E6: Design to performance dynamically;
E7: Invest in an open-ended architecture early on;
E8: Motivate your team by rewarding results;
E9: Prioritize changes by value, not place in queue;
E10: Learn fast, change fast, adapt to reality fast.

Please join us at VISION Consulting's offices,
Fettes Park, 496 Ferry Road, Edinburgh, EH5 2DL at 7:30.  Call me on 07919403972, if you need any further information.