Monday, August 14, 2006

AgileScotland lunch Glasgow

Hi folks,

Following hot on the heels of the successful AgileScotland lunch in Edinburgh, Clarke's asked if I can help organise something similar in Glasgow.

I was thinking about somewhere central, near the stations, such as;
  • Est Est Est - 21 Bothwell Street. Italian food and a silly website
  • Frankenstein's - 92 West George Street. Good pub grub (they do a nice plate of Nachos)
  • Underworld - 95 Union Street. "Mexican-styled" pub (also does good Nachos - see a pattern forming?)

As with the Edinburgh event this will be an informal bite to eat and a chat for an hour.

I was planning to do this on Monday 28th August so please drop me a line if you would like to come along - and let me know where you'd prefer to eat.