Wednesday, August 23, 2006

Re: AgileScotland: August 28th, Agile on the Mac, with Fraser Speirs

Hi everyone,

My apologies for this email.  But, can you please email me if you intend coming along on Monday 28th so that we can notify the security people at JPM.


On 8/19/06, agile scotland <> wrote:
Hi everyone,  

I'm pleased to announce that the August 2006 AgileScotland evening session will be "Agile on the Mac" presented by Fraser Speirs.  

The meeting will  start at 7:30 on Monday 28th August, in the JP Morgan offices, Alhambra House, Waterloo St, in Glasgow.

"Agile on the Mac" - On Mac OS X, Cocoa and associated technologies such as Interface Builder, Cocoa Bindings, Web Kit and Core Data, provide robust support for quickly developing high-quality applications with fewer lines of code than comparable frameworks.  This talk will cover the high-level architecture of Mac OS X and then focus on the important features of these five technologies which support rapid and agile software development.

Fraser Speirs is a Software Engineer and Educator.  He runs Connected Flow a software company producing shareware for Mac OS X. He is the author of the popular iPhoto plugin, FlickrExport. Fraser also teaches Computing Studies at Cedars School of Excellence
and was formerly involved in setting up one of the first production Computing Grids in Scotland, under the Worldwide LHC Computing Grid project at CERN. Fraser holds a BSc in Software Engingeering and an MSc in Computing Science from the University of Glasgow.

My thanks to Alan Francis who (as is often the case) did the heavy lifting behind this talk.  When Alan suggested this talk he wrote " (in my head at least) ObjC/Cocoa looks like doing for the client what Rails is doing for the server".

Hope you are all enjoying your summers,

Clarke Ching