Thursday, September 07, 2006

AgileScotland - September update

Hi everyone,

Here's a heads-up for Agile events in (or near) Scotland in the coming month.
  1. 16th of September: AgileScotland are running a full day's training with guru Tom Gilb in central Edinburgh.
  2. 16th of September: AgileScotland presents an evening session with Tom Gilb (in the VISION offices, Edinburgh) - full details to follow in a couple of days.
  3. 20th of September: AgileNorth are holding a full day mini-conference at the University of Central Lancashire, Preston. 
  4. 28th of September: ScotlandIS and VISION consulting present "Understanding the Software Development Paradox: Introducing Agile Software Development" in Aberdeen
  5. 4th of October: Edinburgh BCS present "Agile Web Engineering Process" by Dr Andrew MacDonald
Please note that I've postponed Harvey Wheaton's session until later in the year.  I had hoped to run it as part of a mini conference on the 22nd, but AgileNorth beat me to it by 3 days.