Monday, April 20, 2009

[AgileScotland] Training - FIT for developers - Brian Swan, 21st and 22nd May 2009

Hi Everyone,
Brian Swann is an excellent Agile trainer and coach who lives and works right here in Scotland.  He has been a member of AgileScotland since the early days and over the years I have often sought his advice on the more technical aspects of Agile.  He knows his stuff.
Next month he is presenting on of his courses (on using FIT) here in Edinburgh.
Brian writes:
Communication, collaboration and automated testing are are the heart of Agile methods. Used effectively FIT/Fitnesse can help you to improve all of these on your project. In this 2 day course you'll learn the tips and techniques to get the most out of FIT/Fitnesse on your project.
The course is for developers who are using, or thinking of using, the FIT or Fitnesse framework for automated acceptance testing.
During the 2 day course attendees with learn:
       • How to use the FIT/Fitnesse framework to create executable documentation.
       • How to document and test business and validation rules, queries and searches, business processes and workflows.
       • Handling test data including variable elements such as dates and times.
       • How to add FIT/Fitnesse to your build process, running tests and publishing the results.
       • Integrating FIT/Fitnesse into your development process.
       • Involving customers, testers and analysts.
       • Avoiding common pitfalls when using FIT/Fitnesse.
Course details and registration
If your dev team is currently under pressure to do more with less, then take my advice and invest this course - FIT is an excellent prodcutivity tool when used properly; Brian is an excellent teacher; and the course will pay for itself within weeks.