Wednesday, November 23, 2005

Dec 7: Lean & Quality Techniques in Agile Software Development by Clarke Ching

Hi everyone,

I'm going to be speaking at the Glasgow IEE on Wednesday 7th December at 6pm in the Scottish Engineering Centre, Teacher Building, St. Enoch Square, Glasgow Although this event is run by IEE, not AgileScotland, it is also open to the public.

The talk is an easy introduction to Agile Software Development, covering
  • how Agile works,
  • why Agile works, and
  • how to make lots more money by using agile
Lean & Quality Techniques in Agile Software Development by Clarke Ching

Historically, the application of lean thinking into software development failed.

The Japanese manufacturing revolution - a combination of lean thinking, quality techniques, and sheer necessity - lifted the Japanese industrial phoenix out of the ashes of World War II until it eventually dominated world manufacturing. During the 80's and 90's these practices quickly spread throughout the world and eventually they even transitioned from manufacturing into service industries.

Clarke Ching, senior consultant with Vision Consulting, first discusses why the software industry has traditionally done a poor job of adopting quality and lean thinking. Clarke then reveals the one secret ingredient that makes them easy to adopt. He describes how to correctly apply these concepts and practices to software development using Agile Software Development methods (including such techniques as Extreme Programming, DSDM, and Scrum).

Clarke Ching