Thursday, March 16, 2006

March 27th Meeting: An introduction to Seaside by Michael Roberts

If you'd asked me a week ago what I knew about "seaside" I would have said that some people do like to be beside it and that it is one exception to the "i before e except after c" rule (otherwise it would be spelt "seasedi") ... but now I know enough to tell you that it is a framework for developing sophisticated web applications in Smalltalk. A bit like Ruby on Rails, apparantly.
My technical ignorance aside, I'm pleased to announce that our next AgileScotland Meeting will be "An Introduction to Seaside" by Michael Roberts. The meeting will start at 7:30 on Monday 27th March, in the JP Morgan offices, Alhambra House, Waterloo St, in Glasgow.
Please email me at agile dot scotland at if you're likely to come so that we can give the security people a head start on filling out badges etc. You don't need to reply, to come, it just speeds things up a little.
Clarke Ching

"An Introduction to Seaside" by Michael Roberts
Seaside is a framework for developing sophisticated web applications in Smalltalk. Seaside compliments the powerful Smalltalk environment with innovative abstractions to create a seamless programming experience. This seminar will introduce you to Seaside through a mixture of discussion and live programming.

This seminar will be of interest to those working in both web and agile environments. It will also be of particular interest to Ruby enthusiasts as Seaside, Smalltalk, Ruby and Rails are complimentary technologies.

Michael J Roberts
Mike is a Smalltalk developer working at JP Morgan's European Technology Centre in Glasgow. He previously worked in the telecommunications, pharmaceutical and media industries accumulating an eclectic mix of programming languages along the way. Having come across the open source Squeak project by chance, it didn't take long for Mike to become a keen Smalltalk enthusiast. Mike is regularly dragged away from his computers by his wife and labrador. They all live together in Glasgow.