Wednesday, February 27, 2008

Agile Scotland - - Announcing the first ScotlandOnRails conference (and special discount.)

I must confess that, these days, I struggle with recording macros in microsoft word, so I really struggled to understand what the big deal with Ruby on Rails is.  A friend who is good at "explaining things so that even consultants can understand it", as he put it, told me that "you get loads more working software, for loads less typing".  I took that to mean that it made developers more productive ... he said, yes... but, more important than that, developers just really like using it.
So if you're a developer and you want to enjoy your job more or if you are a manager who wants a big productivity boost then pop over to and register for the ScotlandOnRails conference this April.  It is, frankly, dirt cheap and world class.  Paul Wilson, one of the organisers has forwarded on the invite below.  If you scroll down to the bottom where there's a special discount code for agilescotlanders (or anyone, I guess who reads this) - but it only applies up to this monday, so be very quick. 
[BTW: There is also a special beginners course for people new to Ruby on Rails.  I checked on the website and you can go along for a minimum donation of £75 to The Childrens Hospice Association Scotland.  If you can't attend the conference but you'd like to go to the tutorial then email me and I'll put you in touch with Paul who will put you on a "stand by" list in case they have any empty seats left.  I haven't actually asked Paul about this, so I can't promise anything - but it'd be a pity to waste any empty seats.] 
I apologise for the long note - I hope it hasn't put you off - but this is a really important opportunity for all of us, and I'd hate for you to miss it for the sake of less than 200 quid.
Clarke Ching

ScotlandOnRails - Ruby on Rails in Scotland - April 2008

Don't miss the this rare opportunity to learn about Ruby on Rails from the thought-leaders* of the Rails community - right on your door step in Scotland and for less than £200**.  This April, Scotland on Rails hosts the UK's only Rails dedicated conference right here in Edinburgh***, with top speakers from the US and Europe.

Ruby on Rails has taken off.  It is gaining popularity not-only with indie web developers, but is rapidly infiltrating the Fortune 400. Here's your chance to learn from some of the best Ruby on Rails thinkers and doers in the world.  Sessions range from the cutting- edge to Rails adoption experience-reports to Behaviour and Test Driven Development in Rails.

Don't get left behind.  Register now at

Special Tutorial for "newbies": If you're new to Rails or eager to learn more from top US and UK rails developers, there's a special pre-conference charity tutorial especially for you.  All proceeds to the Children's Hospice Association Scotland.  See to register.

(*) Speakers include Michael Koziarski of The Rails Way and Ruby Core, Ruby Central founder David A Black, Jim Weirich responsible for Rake and FlexMock, and many more.

(**) The price will be held at £180 until 12 March

(***)   Edinburgh is not only one of the most beautiful cities in the world but it is a quick trip from anywhere in Europe

P.S. There's a special Agile Scotland discount of £25 up to March 5.  Just use the coupon code below while registering.