Thursday, February 21, 2008

Linda Rising - plus ... The Forth Road Bridge - queues ...

Two quick things:
1) The Linda Rising course will be going ahead.  Thanks to everyone who's responded.  It makes my life so much easier.  I'll send out more details soon.
2) Do you frequently use the Forth Road Bridge at peak time?  If so can you please send me a quick note telling me if the journey across the bridge (including the long queuing time) has change noticeably since the tolls were removed?  And, has the jorney once you get past where the toll bridge spot changed at all?
I've been looking on the google news but I can't find anything.  I ask for "agile" reasons: in my workshops I explain how it only takes a few minutes to cross the bridge, but the total journey time for the COMMUTER is sometimes over an hour - because of the queuing time; the same situation applies, of course, for software projects - the total proejct duration for the CUSTOMER is made up of the queing time from when they initiate the project until it starts plus the time it takes to execute the project.  In both cases, if you remove the bottleneck, or improve it's efficiency, the queuing time should drop drastically.  This has huge financial implications. 
I wonder if this is what has happened with the bridge now that the tolls are gone ... or have more people started using the bridge now that is free to cross.  Please email me - - this is really important for me right now.
Thanks everyone,