Tuesday, May 05, 2009

[AgileScotland] Clinics ... East Coast

Hi everyone,
Wow! I've been very pleasantly surprised by the overwhelmingly positive response to the Agileclinics.  I was a little nervous that people might think it was a daft idea, but apparently not.  Take a look here to see how Agile Austin are running their AgileExpert sessions.  I've taken a slightly different direction in that rather than dropping in, I'm asking people to book.  I'm not sure what's best but I was concerned about confidentiality and scheduling issues.
So here are the Bio's of our east coast based contacts. I've known all three for at least 5 years and they really know what they're talking about.
1.  Alan Francis - http://cardboardsoftware.com/
With 15 years experience as a developer, I've built systems for clients that include Power Stations, Multimedia Authors, Breweries, Retail Stores and Investment Banks.  I am a Rails and RubyGems contributor, spoke at RailConf, RailsConfEurope and RubyConf, and organised the wildly successful Scotland-on-Rails Ruby conference.  I can do Java, but these days, I mostly do Ruby or iPhone work.
I'm also a consultant,  I made an early move towards Agile Methods and attended the first XP Immersion course hosted by Kent Beck and Martin Fowler in 1999.  I became an active member of the XP community, speaking and teaching at conferences such as XP200x, XPDay, XPUniverse.
I like building software, but I *love* building teams.
Brian is an Agile mentor with extensive experience in both the technical and the management aspects of Agile.
He has successfully led a variety of teams transitioning to Agile methods helping them to improve quality and customer satisfaction and deliver software into production with substantially reduced lead times.

Brian has over 14 years development experience and a particular interest in test automation and continuous integration. He developed EXACTOR, an open source acceptance testing framework for Java, (http://exactor.sourceforge.net) that has been successfully used by many teams to test both web and rich client applications.
3.  Paul Wilson - http://merecomplexities.com
I am an Agile/Extreme Programming coach and coder who has worked with many teams to improve their
process and ʻAgilityʼ.  I have been practising Test-Driven Development since 2000, and other Agile practices
since 2002.  Over the past ten years, 70% of my positions have been repeat-business, or through recom-

I am an active member of the local Ruby and Agile communities, and co-organiser of the very successful Scotland on Rails
conferences.  I currently code mostly in Ruby, Java, and Objective-C but am open minded about other languages.
I'll send out the West Coast list shortly.  If you'd like to volunteer to help or if you'd like a little friendly advice then send me a note.