Wednesday, June 03, 2009

AgileScotland clinic - Glasgow City Centre, 2pm, June 11.

Hi everyone,

I am astounded at the turnout we've had at our AgileClinics and at last weeks Lean, Agile and Kanban "Crash" course.  I regret not kicking these off years ago. 

More Courses: Thirteen people turn up last friday - 6 paying, 7 free - and the feedback was excellent. We're definitely running another course in Glasgow sometime in June once I find a suitable venue - if you can suggest somewhere then please give me a yell; at this stage most of the positions are filled, but email me if you'd like to go on the waiting list.  We're also looking to run 2 more courses in Edinburgh - one exclusively for Spring Recruitment's linked in group, in their offices, and one open to eveyone using the same venue we used last week. 

The Next Clinic - Glasgow City Centre, 2pm, June 11.:  Peter Aitken, Rob Lally and I are available for free consultion at next week's AgileScotland Clinic.  We'll be meeting in one of the Starbucks or Costas near Borders but we'll give you more details nearer the time.  If you'd like a little helping hand then you can learn a lot in an hour.  So far we've helped Agile veterans and newbies; managers and techies.  The conversations are 100% confidential.  Email me now at

I'll send out Pete and Rob's bio's shortly.
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