Thursday, October 15, 2009

[AgileScotland] October 26th, Glasgow: Avoiding the Pitfalls that Cripple Test Driven Development

Hi  everyone,
Here's a great chance to hear from one of Scotland and the UK's best Agile/XP coaches about how to do TDD in a way that makes it stick. 
Brian Swan is presenting an AgileScotland session on "Avoiding the Pitfalls that cripple Test Driven Development".  The talk will start at 7pm, sharp, on Monday the 26th of October, at Dell's Glasgow software development centre in the City Park, Alexandra Parade, Glasgow.  Send me a note if you'd like to book a spot and get joining instructions.  My thanks to Paula Heenan, from Dell, who has kindly sponsored this venue.
Here's Brian's outline and bio:
Test Driven Development is now more than 10 years old yet is still causing controversy as a development technique. Common pitfalls can reduce the value of Test Driven Development, this talk will highlight those pitfalls to help teams and individuals get the maximum benefit from this powerful technique.
Brian has been developing software professionally for nearly fourteen years and since 1999 has been applying agile practices, primarily Extreme Programming, to the projects he has been involved with.
Brian has worked in a variety of languages from COBOL and Visual Basic to Java and Ruby, with a smattering of C# and Objective-C. He has
successfully led a variety of teams transitioning to Agile, and trained both developers and managers in Agile thinking and practice.
Brian told me that anyone who is interested in agile software development will find the session useful, but the folk who'd get the most benefit are probably already doing TDD but struggling because they're not got some of the basics quite right.
Remember: if you want a spot then please send me an email:  We've only got room for 20-25 people so don't leave it until the last minute.
p.s. We've had to delay Peter Aitken's Cucumber session for a few months due to work related travel commitments.  Our November session will be a nice gentle introduction to Kanban and Flow systems from Rob Lally.