Saturday, October 03, 2009

fw: Ruby, The Agile Language. Edinburgh, Thursday 8 October.

This looks like an excellent session.  It's nice to see Ruby taking off.


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Hi all,

It's great we've got already some talks lined up for October and
November.  Here's another one for next week: top Rubyist and Agilist,
Joe O'Brien, is going to be in Scotland next week and he's agreed to
talk on "Ruby, The Agile Language" next week in Edinburgh.  This
should nicely complement  Pete's talk on Cucumber, as Acceptance
Testing using Cucumber is one way Ruby is making inroads into
enterprise Java and .Net development.

The talk starts around 19:30  at The Edinburgh Training Centre, 16 St
Mary's Street, EH1 1SU.

Full details are here:

I'm afraid numbers are limited.  Follow the link below to sign up (for
free).  (Don't worry about filling in all he fields  - just name and

Paul Wilson

Scotland on Rails