Thursday, March 20, 2008

[AgileScotland] Introducing RollingRocksDownhill ... last chance for free download.

Hi everyone,

I guess that most of you know that for the last 3.5 years I've been working on a business novel about the use of Agile, Lean and Constraints Management in software development. 
Well ... yesterday I finally sent it my manuscript off to my copy editors. 
It's called "RollingRocksDownhill 1.0 - Agile and Lean software development for ordinary people with extra-ordinary ambitions".  If you've read Golratt's "The Goal", well it's just like that, only without the gratuitous sex scenes.  I should have it back in a month and just a few weeks after that I should have it on paper.

I've learned an awful lot during my time with AgileScotland, so as my way of saying thank you, I'd like to offer you all the chance to download - for free - a pdf copy of the book.  It is still in its pre-copy-edited state which means that it's readable, it's useful, but it still has a typo's etc.  Some of the content will change a little, following the edit, but not much.  It also has a few swear words.

If you would like a copy then forward this email to my books hero - - and I (not Steve, he doesn't exist) will send you a link to the pdf.  You are welcome to send the book to any friends or colleagues too.  I expect that this will be your last chance to get your hands on the book for free.

thanks everyone,


Clarke Ching