Wednesday, May 14, 2008

AgileScotland: Something special for C# programmers - Jean-Paul Boodhoo's Nothin' But .NET in Scotland ?

AgileScotlander ... Mark Capaldi has a brilliant idea which will interest C# programmers.  Can you please forward this on to any friends and colleagues who might be interested?
Oh and while we're at it 2 other things:
1.  If you have an brilliant ideas that might interest AgileScoltlander's then send me an email and I'll see how I can help ...
2.  Adrian Mowat and I are both presenting sessions at Agile2008 in Toronto this August.  We're planning on giving a special preview to y'all before then.  I'm wondering if we could make an afternoon of it ... if you have a story to share then please contact me?
Mark writes:
I was wondering if you could do me a favour.   I am trying to reach as many C# developers in Scotland as possible to gauge interest in Jean-Paul Boodhoo's Nothin' But .NET training course being run in Scotland.  Could I ask you to post this mail to the Agile Scotland blog for the attention of any C# developers?
I would describe Jean-Paul as a rockstar developer but, more than that, he is just simply an inspirational person to be around.  I would recommend that anyone who cares about the quality of the C# code they produce should attend this course.  I have no doubt that it will change their life as it did mine.
I was lucky enough to attend Nothin' But .NET in London last year and it completely blew me away.  Completely.  I didn't realize what I was missing out on.  The course made me reassess my own abilities and skillset and made me realise how little I actually understood about the C# and .NET environment.  I made a commitment to go back to basics, rebuild my skillset and to attend the course in 12-18 months to measure my improvement in that time span.
I've been chatting with Jean-Paul and he'd be interested in running his famous Nothin' But .NET training course in Scotland.  He has asked me to try and get a feel for the level of interest. 
You can find more information about the course can be found at the following links:
For those that don't know of JP Boodhoo his bio on the Jetbrains Acedemy site ( ) states:
"Jean-Paul runs the successful Nothin' But .NET set of training courses, travelling the world and helping teams realize success through the adoption and application of agile practices. He has written articles for Visual Studio magazine, DevX, CoDe, MSDN, and keeps a blog at Jean-Paul also made a wonderful series of screencasts on DNRTv titled, Demystifying Design Patterns. Currently, he's back working in the Smart Client realm on a C# 3.5 project."
At the moment I am simply trying to get an idea of the level of interest for running this course in Scotland.  Can I ask that anyone who thinks they might be interested in attending should drop me a quick email at ?  I should point out that JP only seems to do one course in Europe per year so, if it were to run in Scotland, it probably wouldn't be until 2009.  But it's worth the wait!
Please pass this on to any C# developers you know.