Saturday, November 07, 2009

CodeRetreat Glasgow, November ...

Hi all,

1.  Good news!  Two long-term AgileScots, Rob Lally and Adrian Mowet, along with Joe Wright present the UK's first CodeRetreat.  It's hosted by the kind folk at Glasgow Caledonian University; it's free; it's only a couple of weeks away and ... there are only 5 spots left. 

Here's the official announcement:

This November the first ever Code Retreat in the UK will be hosted in Glasgow.  We are inviting developers of all skill levels to tackle Conway's Game of Life using Ruby.


A Code Retreat is a day long programming session based around a simple coding challenge.  Developers of different skill levels are invited to engage in deliberate practice as equals. The goal is to learn, teach and improve with fellow software developers in a non-competitive setting.

If you are looking to improve your software development skills and network with people in your industry then please come along and embrace the challenge.


Pairs will attempt to solve the problem in 40 minute iterations.  At the end of each iteration one person swaps with another pair and all code is deleted.  The new pair then try to make a better solution based off their experiences.

We will be providing breakfast and lunch.  After the event finishes we will be heading to a nearby pub.

Join up here:

2.  I'm currently working with a strong development team in a well known computer manufacturer.  We're looking for "a highly skilled, first rate designer/developer with experience of  working on complex projects and  an excellent understanding of object orientated design and development, UML and software architecture."  If that describes you and you're looking, or, if you know someone you'd be happy to recommend the please email me and I'll pass your details on to the appropriate people.

3.  I should have details of our next event out very soon.  I've gotta get the logistics sorted out first.